Sana Javed gets a special supporter in Shoaib Malik, defends her by sharing ‘personal experience’

Pakistani A-list cricketer Shoaib Malik has responded to the on-going controversy of popular actress Sana Javed.

The Khaani star landed into hot waters after a number of fashion models and makeup artists in the Pakistani entertainment industry called her out for “rudeness and impudence,” while many came to her defence.

However, the 40-year-old cricketer sided with the supporters of the actress and said that she has “always been kind and courteous” towards him and others.

“I have known Sana Javed for quite sometime now & have had the opportunity to work with her multiple times, from my personal experience I can only say that she has always been kind & courteous towards me & the people around us,” Malik wrote on Twitter. 

Sana’s “self entitled attitude” was first brought to light by model Manal Saleem who accused the actress of audacity.

Shoaib Malik gives his two cents on Sana Javed controversy

The Aye Musht e Khaak diva responded to his support with a thank you and starry eyed emoji.

It is to be noted that the behavior of Pakistani film and drama actress Sana Javed has been called inappropriate by other personalities of the industry, while several posts made by other artists on social media also went viral.

Model Fareeha Sheikh wrote a 4 page long note against Sana Javed on her Instagram account after which there were queues of posts against Sana’s negative attitude.

In her post, Fareeha Sheikh termed Sana Javed as unserious and said that “she is not the only victim of Sana Javed’s bad behavior but there are many others like her.”

Talking about the incident that happened to her, Fareeha Sheikh said that Sana Javed does not like to see any other artist in front of her and she needs special protocol, she looks down on others.

Make-up artist Ikram Gohar has also said about the incident that happened to him: Not knowing how to do it, Sana Javed stopped him from using the bathroom of his house for 4 hours, forcing him to go to a nearby restaurant and use the bathroom.

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