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Beautiful Pictures of Adnan Siddique with his Family

Beautiful Pictures of Adnan Siddique with his FamilyAdnan Siddiqui was born on 23rd October, 1969. He is a Pakistani actor, producer and model who has worked in Lollywood, Hollywood and also made his debut in Bollywood with the Hindi film Mom (2017). He also has his own roduction house, Cereal Entertainment, churning out serials like Aadat and Ghughi.Adnan got married to Palwasha in 1999 and has three beautiful children, two daughters Maryam and Daniya and a son named Zaid. Adnan is a paternal uncle of another protruding actor Asad Siddiqui. Asad got arried to another promising actress Zara Noor Abbas in December 2017 making Siddiqui family a well-known and purely talented family tree.Adnan shared these beautiful pictures of his family some days back. These pictures are an amazing blend of then and now as some are most recent and some have been taken many years ago. Adnan never failed to showcase his talent in the best possible way and has always been  appreciated for his great work from his fans from all over the globe.

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