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Neem 2nd Last Episode Review: Has Karamat Khan changed or just pretending in front of Zimmal

Hum TV drama serial Neem has aired its second last episode, the play is quite close to its conclusion. We want Karamat Khan to suffer, he needs to get punished for all his sins. We want a happy ending where Ashaad and Zimmal end up together but let’s see how it goes. In the previous episode, we have seen Shizal divorcing Zimmal on her demand. In this episode we see Zimmal taking an interest in Ashaad and his whereabouts.

Zimmal is on her mission to educate children and youth of her country, she is working hard on her projects. Ashaad also got to know about Zimmal’s projects he is interested in giving Zimmal all his money. Zimmal is interested in knowing Ashaad, he seems to her like a mysterious character. She asks him why he is so quiet and sad all the time he simply replies that sadness is what comes on his part. He is a sad character.

Ashaad is worried for his brothers, particularly for his brother Amjad whom he cannot meet. Police have not let him meet Amjad and he is worrying about him. Zimmal has gone to Islamabad for her project’s approval and in her absence she gave all the responsibility of Salawas to Ashaad. Ashaad very sincerely took this responsibility so well and he even brought food with his own money and refused to take money from Zimmal.

Karamat Khan is trying hard to be a good person in front of Zimmal. The world believes that he has changed but it is Zimmal who knows his true self. She knows that he will never going to change. He tells Zimmal that he is a changed man and now he is giving Salawas their land back which has kind of surprised Zimmal but she is unmoved by Karamat Khan she knows that it may be one of his tactics.

Zimmal gives no impression to Karamat Khan that she is impressed with his act in fact she is not even when he mentions that his father comes in his dream saying that he is proud of him makes him even more pompous in her eyes. Zimmal is really interested to know Ashaad’s love story. The irony is that Ashaad is telling his own love story which is about her but he does not mention Zimmal’s name. We desperately rooting for Ashaad and Zimmal and want them to end up together. We also want severe punishment for Karamat Khan for all his heinous sins.

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