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Mannat Murad Ep-8 and 9 Review: Both Mannat and Murad cleverly set the ground for their union

Mannat Murad, Geo Entertainment drama airs two days a week. The play is an entertaining prime-time watch. Talha Chahour and Iqra Aziz for the very first time teaming together as an onscreen couple and their chemistry is simply crackling. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Mannat Murad’s scene is on fire. In these episodes, both Mannat and Murad are leveling up the ground for their future engagement.

Murad and Mannat are arguing loudly on the call where Mannat asks Murad to send his proposal again and her Bhabi overhears the whole conversation. She is surprised to know that Mannat is in love with the guy she rejected herself. After hearing Mannat’s side of the story the best thing is that Bhabi is on Mannat’s side. It is so refreshing to see such portrayals of caring bhabies on screen.

Mannat makes her baray bhaiya angry when she arrives home late and when he asks she starts arguing. Both Mannat and Murad are facing suffocation due to over-possessiveness. For Murad, it’s his mother, and for Mannat, it’s her baray bhaiya’s over-caring attitude. Well, sending Azra to convince Murad’s mother for Mannat is a very bad idea and I am wondering why Murad let this happen. Feel really sorry for that sweet Azra who even brought a chocolate cake with her.

Murad once again swears over her mother’s head to make Azra his sister for life and also not marrying her was quite a stretch he should have cleared that he is not interested in her and she has come to talk about another proposal but he did not utter a single word in front of her mother. Even Murad’s sisters’ behavior was quite unreasonable as well and being rude with Azra is really disappointing to see.

Mannat teams up with her bhabi to go on a mission to win Murad’s mother’s heart. Well, they plan for an accidental meet-up in a mall. Initially, Murad’s mother throws tantrums on seeing them but when she sees Murad glued to his phone texting the supposedly Azra she changes a 360-degree angle and invites Mannat’s bhabi to visit their house.

Mannat and Murad are truly happy but Murad uses a reverse psychology trick in front of her mother saying that he hates that girl and that she has invited her to their place. Same strategy Mannat uses on her baray bhaiya when he is considering Murad’s proposal and visiting their place. Both Mannat and Murad cleverly set the ground for their union. Desperately rooting for Mannat and Murad’s union.

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