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Kabli Pulao Episode-16 Review: Will Haaji Mushtaq let Barbeena go to Islamabad?

Green Entertainment’s drama serial Kabli Pulao is down with 16 episodes and we find it an absolute masterpiece. Well penned and equally well directed this play is making waves across borders as well. This week they aired only 28 mins 28-minute-long episodes like last week’s but again powerful one. In the previous episode, Baraan saved Barbeena from getting harassed by Ghafar. In this episode, it is shown that Barbeena wants to go back to Islamabad.

Barbeena wants to go back to their home in Islamabad but Haaji Mushtaq wants to stay. He is of the opinion that Qayyum’s family needs him the most. Barbeena tells him that they all blame her for Qayyum’s death to which Haaji Mushtaq replies that they blame him as well. Well, this is not what actually disturbing Barbeena it is Baraan’s presence that is getting on her nerves so she wants to escape this situation.

Haaji Mushtaq deep inside knows that there is something that is bothering Barbeena. He questions Ghaffar when he will renovate his house and when he will move back on which he lied and Haaji Mushtaq clearly tells him that he is lying. I don’t understand why Haaji Mushtaq and Ghaffar’s wife are bearing his nonsense why does Haaji Mushtaq agree to give him more money? Well, he did it on one condition he has to leave the house as soon as possible.

Ayesha’s hatred towards Barbeena makes sense but her sudden change in attitude is not making any sense at all. She clearly blames Barbeena for her father’s as well as her child’s death but on the other hand, she is asking her to massage her hair with oil strange? Barbeena going to Baraan and threatening him to go otherwise she will kill him depicts her desperation to escape this situation, from threatening to pleading she makes Baraan agree to leave.

Baraan is leaving the house when Qayyum’s daughter starts stopping him on top of that Ayesha too comes and he also tries to stop him. On seeing this Barbeena too asks Baraan to stay. Poor Baraan is really confused. Ilyas on the other hand gets promoted one wonders on what basis? However, it looks cute how he wants to share his happiness with his teacher jee. The ending scene confuses us all when Ayesha agrees to forgive her baray Abba but on two conditions first she mentions is to send Barbeena to Islamabad! How come she asks that? It is just because she hates the presence of Barbeena in her house or is it because Barbeena has shared something with her?

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