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Fairy Tale S2 Episode-11 Review: Umeed and Farjaad’s sizzling chemistry hooks us to the screen

Fairy Tale the Hum TV’s Rom-Com featuring Umeed and Farjaad’s fiery chemistry is what makes this play even more interesting. It is indeed Sahar Khan and Hamza Sohail’s best work to date. Other characters of the drama are also quite endearing and for that, the credit goes to the writer Sara Majeed. In the previous episode, we saw that Umeed launched her cafe. In this episode, Umeed and Farjaad are giving us some serious couple goals.

Umeed receives Haya’s call and she is crying her heart out on Sameer’s leaving but Umeed is just being Umeed she is so quick to jump to conclusions that she thinks Pasha Sahab has gotten married. Even Niggo Mama creates a lot of confusion by sharing it with Farjaad. Well, our heart goes out to poor Farjaad who has to deal with all such nonsense during his work hours.

Sameer is ready to go for his father, he wants to help him out in repaying all the debts he has taken for Umeed’s wedding. It highlights the issue that extravagant weddings often end up being a burden on middle-class families so wedding functions must be simpler and Haya is resolute that she will go for a simple wedding. In short, Sameer is not going to Canada he sneaks back without boarding and credit goes to Farjaad.

Farjaad is a hero, he is not just giving us perfect husband goals but he is also giving us perfect brother-in-law goals too. Farjaad is always there for Umeed’s family. Farjaad letting Umeed stay for a night at Pasha’s house but then video calling her and asking her for a kiss is hilarious. Poor Farjaad has no idea that the whole family is sleeping in one room. Well, that haunted scene at the house seems to be getting too much dragged, Agho Jaan is not that funny.

Umeed’s struggles to win Niggo Mama’s heart have not gone futile. Niggo Mama has shown a sense of change of heart for Umeed. This transformation comes from watching the last happy rending of the Indian soap it depicts the influence of dramas on our women’s psyche and also that despite how toxic the play is it gets well in the end. Niggo is all sweet to Umeed and I think she has dropped the idea of planting Waleed in her life. Umeed and Farjaad’s romance is what brightens up the show but please say no to explicit branding it ruins the beauty of the show.

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