When BTS member Suga’s fan threatened to sue him, screamed at him at event

BTS is undoubtedly one of the greatest boy bands ever with a massive fan following that goes by the name ARMY. It is a known fact that the K-pop band has seen their own fair share of struggles especially before they made their debut as a full-fledged group. On the occasion of Min Yoongi aka Suga’s birthday, we look back at the time when a fan threatened to sue the rapper for a very peculiar reason.

For the unversed, the Bangtan Boys have lately been connecting with their fans through their individual Instagram handles. After a short holiday break looks like the band is now back to work as they have been lately holding several live sessions together. The boys also shared a bunch of pictures from their dance studio indicating that they are either working on fresh music or preparing for their upcoming Seoul concert.

The girl was so upset about the amount of affection she had for Min Suga that she screamed “I will sue” at him at a live event. SShe jokingly said, “Min Yoongi, you’re a dangerous man! You dangerous man who makes me have such a hard time… You should be responsible for this. I will sue you, Min Yoongi”.

Suga was totally taken aback by the comment but could be seen blushing at the compliment before looking away. He even adorably complained to the next fan about how the girl keeps threatening to sue him.

Here’s the fun video.

BTS ARMY is huge at the moment but there was a time when the band had limited fans and got minimum recognition. Back in those days, the septet held fansign and meet events where they directly interacted with their followers. At one of these meets, Min Yoongi met a young lady who jokingly wanted to sue him over his beauty.

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