Has Rahim Pardesi parted ways with second wife Somia?

Content creator and actor Rahim Pardesi has been making netizens speculate about the status of his second marriage with Somia after his recent posts.

The Baari star recently posted a family picture sans Somia and their son, which sparked speculations by the netizens.

Rahim chose to ignore his fans’ queries and questions regarding his second wife and her disappearance.

Somia has also deactivated her social media accounts.

Earlier in May 2021, the YouTuber shared that his wife almost died due to a doctor’s negligence at a private hospital. Pardesi said that he made the video to highlight how doctors and big hospitals mistreat patients.

Rahim Pardesi

In a video titled ‘My wife almost died,’ Pardesi and his wife Somia detailed their painful experience of childbirth and how Somia almost died due to doctors negligence.

The couple revealed that the doctor first kept insisting on Somia to have a Cesarean delivery. When the child was delivered naturally via normal delivery, the doctors left five sponges inside her body.

They later removed the video.

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