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See Prime’s short film ‘Truth or Dare’ features Yashma Gill

Another short film titled ‘Truth or Dare’ has been released on See Prime.

See Prime never disappoints its viewers and presents one hit after another. In this regard, another interesting short film Truth or Dare is being presented starring Yashma Gill, Mirza Zain Baig, Naeema Garaj, Mohammad Hanif, and Amir Shah.

In the short film, the game also called ‘Truth and Dare’ takes a bunch of groups back to the time when they attended their college reunion.  With a very friendly flirt, Shaan and Saima seek the truth which later brings Shaan confessing his love for Saima and she tells him that she is married now.

The best part of this short film is where Shaan and Saima show as if they are really married in a game. When the reunion is over and Saima heads to her car and her son’s eyes search for the father, Shaan surprisingly comes to her and hugs the child.

The happy ending of the story and the relationship and chemistry between Shaan and Saima is so much fun that college lovers support each other in every difficulty and ease and stay together forever.

Truth and Dare’s intriguing love story is presented by Mohsin Talat, written by Asher Naeem, directed by Ali Hussain and Mohib Bukhari, and beautifully produced by Sameen Naveed. The 19 minute short film is available See Prime’s YouTube channel.

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