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PM Imran calls for nationwide protest ahead of no-trust vote

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Saturday gave a nationwide protest call against the ‘foreign conspiracy to topple his government, ahead of voting on the no-trust move against him in the National Assembly on Sunday.

This he said in his inaugural speech before interacting with the general public via telephone following his meetings in the backdrop of a no-trust move against him from the joint opposition.

Answering a telephone call, PM Imran said that he will fight till the last ball and strategy had been made by him in this context.

PM Imran Khan called on the youth to protest as the National Assembly is all set to vote on the no-confidence motion against him tomorrow.

The prime minister said the ‘conspiracy’ against his government has been proven as the politicians were being ‘traded out in the open and trying to take down an elected government just because they don’t like it.

Responding to the criticism of the Pakistan Army, the premier said our Armed Forces are custodians of the country’s territorial boundaries and lauded their sacrifices for the defense of the homeland.

He said the conspiracy was being hatched to divide the nation against Pakistan Army, but it will be foiled.

Prime Minister called on the youth to protest for two days — today and tomorrow — against a “foreign conspiracy” being hatched against his government.

“I want you to protest for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan,” the prime minister said during a live Q&A session with the people on Saturday, as the Opposition looks in a firm position to oust the government.

The PTI effectively lost its majority in the 342-member National Assembly Wednesday when a coalition partner — MQM-P — said its seven lawmakers would vote in support of the Opposition alliance. Before them, several other allies had switched sides.

The country will “have no future” if the situation keeps moving in a similar manner, the prime minister said, as he advised the youth to hold “peaceful” protests. “This is your right.”

PM Imran Khan said that when the United Kingdom attacked Iraq under the false pretext of having weapons of mass destruction, two million people came out on the streets and protested against it.

As he gave the example of the United Kingdom, the prime minister told the youth to follow it.

“When the nation stands with the truth, it becomes the biggest fear of traitors (Opposition) and those who have sold their conscience,” the prime minister said.

PM Imran Khan said he wanted history to remember the “traitors” as they were “conspiring” with foreign powers. He said even the National Security Committee (NSC) had seen the letter.

The premier said the “foreign powers” knew that when he is ousted, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif would assume power and their ties would be mended.

“He (Shahbaz) has already stated that ‘beggers are not choosers’,” the prime minister said, claiming that the Opposition was ready to be “slaves” of foreign powers.

PM Imran Khan said the Opposition leaders would always remain the “slaves” of the foreign powers as they were “corrupt”.

In response to a question, the prime minister said he would not spare the Opposition and dubbed them the “traitors of the nation”. “I will decide the legal course of action against them by tonight.”

Advising people to refrain from maligning the armed forces on social media, the prime minister said “the enemies of Pakistan” were trying to split the country into three parts.

“We are proud of our army who have kept the country together and PTI is the next thing which is uniting Pakistan as it is a national party that has support [in all provinces],” he said.

Prime Ministers said that he respected the country’s top military leadership’s decision of not becoming part of political affairs saying that his government has “excellent ties with the army”.

“Military told me that they wanted to remain neutral and don’t want to be a part of political matters,” the premier remarked.

“I don’t have any differences with military… they decided that they will not get involved in political matters and we respect their decision and stand by them,” he maintained.

PM Imran said the military believed that it should not become controversial by getting involved in the country’s political affairs.

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