4 crore 91 lakh to be spent on Usman Buzdar’s office

A hefty amount is to be spent on the renovation of Chief Minister Pubjab (CM) Usman Buzdar’s office, reports Dunya. A total of 4 crore and 91 lakh will be spent on Chief Minister’s office. In addition the offices of the staff appointed to him will also be renovated.

CM’s office will have new air-conditioners and new carpets. In addition, the funds will also be spent to buy historic paintings for the office.

As per the Punjab Revenue Department, The Communication and Construction Department has made an estimate and requested the release of funds from the Revenue Department. A summary has been sent to the Standing Cabinet Committee on Finance for the release of the supplementary grant. The funds will be issued after the approval of Cabinet.

The additional grant required to meet the required expenditure of the government is called a supplementary grant.

In January 2020, the Chief Minister’s office shared comparative details of expenditure claiming that Usman Buzdar had set an example of austerity by curtailing spending under different heads.

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Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in a statement said that the austerity policy was being strictly followed by the Punjab government. “Unnecessary expenditures are against public interest and a new tradition has been set by curtailing expenditures.”

Earlier, this month Punjab government issued a formal order for the purchase of 46 new cars for provincial ministers and will make an advance payment to a car manufacturer in this regard. The Cabinet Committee has approved payment for purchasing news cars.

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