Urwa Hocane responds to Aijaz Aslam’s allegations against her

Actress Urwa Hocane has finally responded to Aijaz Aslam’s allegations against her in which he claimed that the actress lacks in mannerisms.

It all started during a talk show when Aijaz Aslam was asked a strange question, “Which actor lacks in mannerism in the industry?” To which Aslam said, “Urwa, I have heard about her misbehaviors from others that she loses temper quickly, but these are the things that I have heard, again, this might be wrong and one also has to hear second side of story before passing any judgment, she was respectful towards me.”

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Soon after his statement went viral, it became a buzz on social media and that’s when Aijaz clarified his remarks and said that, although, he has never worked with Urwa also has never been ill-treated by her.

He went on to say, “Whatever he spoke on the show, was his reply to a question asked by hosts, that too on the basis of whatever he heard from others, he said that he already clarified that this might be wrong.” 

Now, Urwa Hocane has come forward and said that she denies all the baseless allegations, however, she admitted that she is creatively charged person who indulges in healthy discussions with her directors, she said that she respects seniors and seniors also hold the same responsibility.

She also hoped that, probably, Aijaz Aslam did not intend to harm her but such irresponsible statements are often taken out of proportion and leave the speakers on the mercy of internet trolls. She thanked Aagha Ali and Hina who didn’t take part in it.

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