The rise and fall of Aamir Liaquat Hussain

Most of us still cannot get over the fact that popular and controversial host Aamir Liaquat Hussain is no more among us.

After being taken to a private hospital on Thursday in ‘critical condition’, Liaquat passed away. He was a top-ranking TV anchor and had been listed three times in The 500 influential Muslims worldwide, and was among 100 popular personalities of Pakistan.

He has been criticized on media numerous times due to his controversial comments about superstars. Here’s a look back at his rise and fall:


He started his career as a radio broadcaster and became popular with Aalim Online on Geo News. He reached the peak of his career during Ramzan transmissions.

Ramzan transmissions and Liaquat

Liaqat hosted Pehchan Ramazan in 2012, after rejoining Geo TV, and Amaan Ramazan in 2013. In January 2014, he became the vice president of Geo TV and hosted the game show Inaam Ghar.

In June 2014, he joined Express Media Group as president and Group Editor of religious content on Daily Express, and hosted Pakistan Ramazan.Hussain then rejoined Geo TV and hosted Subh-e-Pakistan from November 2014, and also became president of Geo Entertainment in November 2015.

Journey in BOL

In 2016, Liaquat joined BOL media group and started hosting the current affairs talk show ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’. There, he hosted Ramazan Mein BOL in 2017, during which he also started hosting a game show; Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga.


He made her acting debut with ‘Bas Corona’, a made-for-TV comedy on the pandemic. Actress Nausheen Shah played his wife in the movie while veteran actors Qavi Khan and Saba Faisal played his parents.


It cannot be said how and why it started but Liaquat started losing the power he had in the showbiz industry just after he joined politics and started making controversial on several occasions.

After announcing his second marriage to Syed Tuba in 2018, he quit hosting political shows and lost the prime time at hosting Ramzan transmission and game show at Geo TV.

In 2017,  he was banned by PEMRA from all forms of media over hate speech allegations. The ban was lifted by the Supreme Court on 7 February 2018.

Once again in 2018, PEMRA banned Hussain after creating controversy related to religious organization Jamiat Ahle Hadith and Zakir Naik.

In May last, Hussain was once again a subject of controversy over his performance of ‘Nagin Dance’ (Dance moves mimicking snake) during his evening special Ramazan transmission.

The negative attention Liaqat had gotten throughout these years was due to his personal life. He was married twice, not only twice but he was accused of cheating on both of his wives as well.

He divorced his first wife Bushra after two years of his marriage with Tuba in 2020. Two years later, his second wife Tuba filed for divorce.

The day later, Liaquat announced his third marriage to an 18-year-old girl named Dania Shah who also left him after three months of their marriage.

Tragic death 

Liaquat Hussain had passed away at the age of 49. He fell unconscious at his home and was rushed to Aga Khan University Hospital, but could not be revived.

The hospital management said that the cause of the death of Amir Liaquat would be known only after the autopsy. According to Pakistani media reports, Liaquat fell ill on Wednesday night but refused to go to a hospital. His employees heard him scream. They broke down the door and rushed him to the hospital.