Hira Mani gets bashed for supporting husbands who body shame wives

Actress Hira Mani has been facing backlash over recent controversial remarks about body shaming.

It all started when the actress in a recent interview proudly revealed that her husband Mani’s constant taunts and comparisons between her and Bollywood actors helped her lose weight.

According to her, the body-shaming was far more effective than what any trainer has done for her. She did not stop here, Hira actually ended up body-shaming Kareena Kapoor that how after kids she has gained weight and is no more a size zero.

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Her statement was enough to add fuel among social media users and the people who oppose body shaming. One of the users on social media commented: ‘

I think she deliberately says such stuff to create controversies and stay relevant. In the time when body shaming is big NO madam is endorsing body shaming from husbands. The one person you need most support from.’

Another one wrote: ‘She wants to be in the headlines , she wants to be relevant, this is how she does it .She’s not worth listening to ,why give her air time.’ Another outraged user commented that Hira ‘shows complete lack of compassion, education and sensitivity.’