Here’s why Ali Sethi is trending on social media

It was three months ago when Ali Sethi was featured in Coke Studio’s latest season with Shae Gill in ‘Pasoori’ and ever since then social media can’t stop raving about him.

From the United Arab Emirates to India, the song has literally united the borders by music. Even The New Yorker has praised Ali Sethi in its new article that how the singer has created an unconventional hit with ‘Pasoori’.

The New Yorker in its article described ‘Pasoori’ a Punjabi word that translates roughly to ‘difficult mess’, is about an age-old situation: two people who are forbidden from meeting each other. 

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As per the news article, ‘Pasoori’ is apparently about star-crossed lovers, but it’s also an apt metaphor for the relationship between two countries in a endless conflict whose histories and cultural touchstones are entwined. Here’s a look at what people have been saying about the latest singing sensation on Twitter:

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