Celebrities express anger over Pakistani movies being replaced by ‘Dr Strange’

Around five Pakistani movies have been released this Eid ul-Fitr almost after two years since the pandemic hit.

However, an international release of ‘Dr Strange’ came and affected local films badly and because of that, a few local movies were removed from being screened.

‘Dr Strange’ was released on 6th May after which all the Pakistani movies were taken down without any notice and information. Now angry filmmakers expressed their anger that the international film could have been released with a short delay or at least cinema owners should have not taken down Pakistani’s new releases.

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A lot of actors have recorded their condemnation and expressed their anger with cinema owners that how a foreign movie has taken over Pakistani cinema.

Dam Mastam’s Amar Khan made a video in this regard and expressed that it was strange that a foreign film came and they quietly halted Pakistani movies and lessened the screens. Moreover, celebrities like  Dananeer Mobeen, Arsalan Naseer, and Adnan Siddiqui also showed their extreme anger. Let’s have a look: 

Pakistani Celebrities Express Anger On Taking Down Pakistani New Releases

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