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Glad my parents were not together, says Sara Ali Khan

Bollywood actor Sara Ali Khan, who has been making waves with her latest releases Kedernath and Simmba, has revealed that in many ways, she is glad that her parents were not together. During an interview with Business Standard, the actor and daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh shared that she neither has time to feel like a "star" not does she think she will let herself feel like one in future. Asked about her rising stardom, the actor said, “I don't have time to feel like a star. I don't think I'm a star yet. But I hope I get there some day. I don't think I will ever let myself feel like a star. The minute you do, others will stop seeing you in a favourable light.” Regarding whether she “deserves” all the love she is getting, Sara said, “80 per cent of it, I deserve. The other 20 per cent I don't know where it is coming from. And it's making me feel very grateful and emotional. I don't have any experience in acting. All I had was my honesty. And that was my only go-to.” Sara Ali Khan in 'Simmba' with Ranveer Singh "Kedarnath was my first experience in what happens before the camera. Of course I had been on film sets before to see my mother (Amrita Singh) shoot in Kalyug and my father (Saif Ali Khan) in Omkara. But all I did was play around with my parents' co-stars' make-up. Kedarnath was my first opportunity to observe film-making and be part of the process. My only tool of working on the sets was my honesty. Of course, I always wanted to be an actor,” she added. Whether she felt a lacuna as she was mostly raised by her mother and did not have her father around, Sara said, “I was more than okay with that arrangement. I think having two happy parents in different homes is much more preferable than two unhappy parents in the same home. I think I am the way that I am because my mother didn't let me feel any kind deprivation for even a second. I have a very hands-on mother. Once my brother and I were born, she did nothing but look after us.” “My father was always a phone call away for both of us. I've never felt he was not there for me. In many ways, I am glad my parents were not together. I know they would have never been happy together. And if they were not happy, I would not have been happy,” she added.

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