Bodies of Kasur leather merchants, driver recovered from car in Sialkot

KASUR: The bodies of two leather merchants and their driver were recovered Friday night from a car in a small town near Sialkot. According to police, Niaz Ahmed, a resident of Kasur's Kot Pakka Qila area, along with his son Ahmed, had gone to Sialkot for some business in a rented car in the morning a day prior. Their bodies, as well as that of the driver, Faiz, were recovered from inside a car in Daska town in Sialkot district's Dharamkot. Police further mentioned that they were drugged before their murder and that an investigation is currently underway. On the other hand, family sources revealed that the father-son duo had travelled to Sialkot to collect Rs1.5 million from another "party", with Niaz Ahmed deciding to take his son, a lawyer, alongside. Reportedly, it was also being considered that the driver attempted to give the murder an impression of a robbery-gone-wrong. The driver's body, however, was found in the car's trunk.

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