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Sargodha University professor dies of ‘cardiac arrest’ under custody

LAHORE: A Sargodha University professor under investigation in a corruption case has died of "cardiac arrest" under custody, prison officials said on Friday. Official said Professor Mian Javed was being held at Camp Jail, Lahore, where he suffered cardiac arrest. However, pictures of the deceased professor's body went viral on social media with the handcuffs still on. The images drew ire of social media users, who strongly criticised the authorities. Professor Mian Javed was the former CEO of the university's Lahore sub-campus. The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had arrested Professor Javed earlier in October along with former Sargodha University vice-chancellor Dr Mohammad Akram Chaudhry and four other university officials. The professor was later shifted to camp jail on judicial remand. According to the anti-corruption watchdog, the suspects were accused of receiving millions in bribes for allowing third parties to establish illegal sub-campuses.

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