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Coronavirus taught us to stand on our own feet: PM

The coronavirus has taught Pakistan to stand on its own feet. We were suffering from dependency syndrome previously but it is time to change that now, said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“The pandemic has made us realise that we can’t export everything,” he remarked while addressing a ceremony at COMSATS Headquarters on Thursday. “There is a global demand for ventilators so we have started making our own ventilators now and realised that it wasn’t so hard. We are a nuclear power, nothing should be impossible for us.” Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, he added.

The virus has also taught us that it is necessary for us to improve our government hospitals. “Our ruling elite and those in power used to travel abroad on taxpayers’ money to even get their tests done and now they have no other option but to seek treatment in their country,” he said. We have to improve our hospitals and spend money on them and improve our medical infrastructure. The conditions of the government hospitals have deteriorated in front of our eyes, he added.

No one paid attention to hepatitis, children drinking toxic water, malnutrition or stunted growth among other issues because all this affects the poor, the premier said. “The coronavirus, however, doesn’t differentiate between the rich and poor.” This has made people realise the importance of healthcare, he added.

Self belief is the only thing that can help a nation rise. Oil wells and gold mines don’t bring a country up, if they did Congo and Nigeria would be rich countries, he said. “What actually brings a country up is self belief,” the premier said. It helps people reach a stage where they think they can take on any difficulties and that mindset makes them invincible, said PM Khan.
He gave the examples of the UK’s conquering of the world, and Islamic history. If people follow the Sunnah, they will end up becoming successful and if a nation follows the example of the state of Madinah, it will rise. He counted self belief as one of the biggest principles followed in the state of Madinah. “The Holy Prophet (pbuh) freed people from the limitations of the mind,” he said, adding that nothing is impossible for you then.

Pakistan was on its way up in the 1960s, according to PM Khan, but lack of self belief made it stumble. Part of the reason for lack of self belief is colonialism, he said, which even after you’re freed leaves mental slavery. “We can’t win till we believe that we can. You have to open your minds,” the PM added.

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