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Indian man goes grocery shopping, returns with wife

The police in India’s Sahibabad were left perplexed when a woman came to the police station complaining that she had sent her son to buy groceries but he returned with a wife, according to Rising Kashmir.

The mother was not ready to accept the marriage. Meanwhile, Guddu, the groom says he got married two months ago but couldn’t get a marriage certificate at the time because of lack of witnesses.

“I got married to Savita two months ago at an Arya Samaj Mandir in Haridwar,” the 26-year-old groom said.

“However, today, I decided to bring [Savita] to my mother’s house as she was told to leave her rented accommodation due to the lockdown.”

The police have urged the mother to let the couple stay until the country-wide lockdown is lifted.

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