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Beware of fake links, don’t give out account details: FIA

While most activities have come to a halt because of the coronavirus lockdown, cyber crime across Pakistan has increased dramatically.

Cyber criminals have defrauded people online of a total of Rs10 million so far. The Federal Investigation Agency has received 1,411 complaints of people getting looted online in the last one and a half months.

More than Rs7 million has been stolen from people through online banking and hacking ATM pin codes. The suspects defrauded people on social media through fake links and made Rs1.2 million through it.

On the other hand, residents were also robbed of Rs200,000 through SMS services.

The FIA’s cyber crime wing has arrested 15 people so far and has blocked the mobile number of more than 20 people. “The monetary loss reported through online use in these months was very high,” the FIA spokesperson said.

He advised people to beware of fake links and warned them against putting their banking details online.

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