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Reporting Dr Areeba Abbasi’s matter to officials ‘not unlawful’: Punjab Law Minister spox

LAHORE: It 'was certainly not unlawful', a spokesperson for the Punjab Law Minister Muhammad Basharat Raja said Monday while responding to reports of a threatening phone call made to a superintendent regarding Dr Areeba Abbasi. On Sunday, it was revealed that Raja had called Dr Tariq Niazi, the medical superintendent (MD) at the Benazir Bhutto Hospital, asking him to transfer Dr Abbasi, the daughter of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Hanif Abbasi, from emergency to skin department again. The law minister had allegedly also threatened the superintendent, warning Dr Niazi that he wouldn't be able to stay in the hospital if he didn't pay heed to his demands. After being brought to light Sunday night, the minister's spokesperson rebuffed the issue, saying it was the "government representatives' responsibility to resolve the public's issues and convey those problems to the relevant authorities". In a similar manner, "bringing Dr Areeba's matter to the relevant officials' knowledge was certainly not unlawful", he noted, adding that numerous people contact ministers to have their issues resolved and that "that's why we brought Dr Areeba's matter to the notice of related officials". As to whether the matter will be dealt with or not, that is up to the relevant official, the spokesperson mentioned. Dr Areeba Abbasi, PML-N leader's daughter, quits hospital over political targetting No disciplinary action has been taken against the related officer, he commented, explaining that the matter will become clearer once the report on the incident — summoned by the health minister — is released. Dr Abbasi on Sunday had resigned from her job at the Benazir Bhutto Hospital, citing a toxic work environment created by Dr Niazi and alleging him of targetting her for political revenge. "I cannot work in the same facility as him [Dr Niazi] so I've had to resign," she had said. She had added that the superintendent has acknowledged his links to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) numerous times.

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