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DUHS prepares drug from donors’ plasma to treat COVID-19 patients

The Dow University of Health Sciences announced on Monday that it has made an important breakthrough in treating coronavirus patients.

The varsity claimed to have made a drug from a pool of immunoglobulins (antibodies) found in the plasma of people who had recovered from the novel virus. It took the varsity scientists five weeks to come up with it.

DUHS Vice Chancellor Professor Mohammed Saeed Quraishy explained how the treatment works while speaking on SAMAA TV’s programme Naya Din on Tuesday.

“We have separated more than 95% of immunoglobulin-G and concentrated it [in the drug],” he said. “Whenever immunoglobulin-G comes in contact with the virus, it neutralises the virus.”

This therapy treatment, however, has been initially recommended to treat only those COVID-19 patients who are in a critical condition. This is due to the drug shortage at the moment.

The vice chancellor said once its production will increase, the drug can be injected to those as well who are moderately ill.

He likened this treatment to injecting anti-tetanus immunoglobulin.

But before starting drug’s clinical trials, approval will be needed from the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, National Bioethics Committee and DUHS’ institutional board.

Quraishy hopes that he’ll soon get an approval considering the prevailing situation in the country due to spike in the virus’ cases.

Speaking about the extracting plasma from the donors, he said it isn’t necessary that the blood group of the donor and receiver has to be same.

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