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The Donkey King – only local movie to feature in Pakistan’s top Google 2018 trending

KARACHI: The box office megahit The Donkey King remained the only Pakistani film among the top trending movies in the country for the year 2018. Google has released its list for top trending movies in Pakistan. Google Trends Year in Search 2018 is based on search terms that had the highest spike in 20187 as compared to the previous year. The top five movies on the list were from across the border, with Race 3 at the top spot. Two Hollywood movies, Avengers Infinity War and Black Panther featured in the top 10. Written, directed and co-produced by Aziz Jindani, The Donkey King is equally popular among the young and the old. The animated movie has made over Rs230 million at the box office. The film's stellar cast includes renowned actors such as Afzal Khan (aka Jan Rambo) who was brilliant as the lead character Mangu. It was a treat to hear top actress Hina Dilpazeer's voice playing Miss Fitna and the legendary Ghulam Mohiuddin as Badshah Khan. Other voice over artists include Javed Sheikh, Adeel Hashmi, Shafaat Ali, Faisal Qureshi, Ghulam Muheyuddin, Mani, Shabbir Khan, Ismail Tara and Irfan Khoosat. The blockbuster movie revolves around entertainment, politics, and entertainment. More than 10 million hits on The Donkey King's track, trailer, and teasers on Facebook and YouTube speak of its reception on the internet. What makes The Donkey King unique is its relatable storyline and interesting characters. The tongue and cheek dialogues only add to the film's overall entertainment value. Mangu represents a common man in the society but then fate favours him and he becomes a king. He is a little apprehensive at first, but finally thinks he’s up for the job when a clever fox, literally, convinces him to. Thus follows Mangu's journey from a donkey to The Donkey King. The Donkey King film struck a chord with masses and has been receiving widespread praise on social, print and electronic media.
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