Gautam Gambhir announces retirement from all cricket

Former Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir on Tuesday took to social media to announce his retirement from all cricket. "After more than fifteen years of cricket for my country, I want to retire from playing this beautiful game,” the cricketer said in a video posted on Facebook. Gambhir said that the thought had been with him for quite a long time now and he has finally decided to act on it. It slapped me hard when I got those three ducks in a row in 2014 IPL," he said. "Then again when I had a dreadful tour to England the same year. In 2016 I was on my knees again. I was dropped after Rajkot Test match against England. I was searching for my confidence in that deep, dark pit but I could only lay my hands on the same sharp, disturbing noise. It said the same: 'It is over Gauti'." Gambhir, 37, started his career in 1999-2000 and has clinched many victories for his country since then. Overall, he has played 58 Tests, 147 ODIs and 37 T20Is. His opening partnership with Virendar Sehwag was particularly successful, with the pair scoring 4,412 runs in 87 innings together, from 2004 to 2012. My "time was up", Gambhir continued in the video. "After more than 15 years of cricket for my country I want to retire from playing this beautiful game." "As a batsman I have always valued timing. I know the time is just right. I am sure it's sweet as well. Good bye and good luck,” he concluded.

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