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This Young Woman From Lyari Overcame Personal Tragedy to Become a Professional Boxer

A 24-year-old divorcee from Lyari turned her ‘misfortune’ into a boxing career. Summaiya Baloch shared her inspirational story at a National Women’s Day 2020 event held in Karachi.

A divorce is often thought to be ‘the greatest misfortune in a woman’s life’ in our society. Summaiya didn’t let that kill her vibe and knocked out every hurdle in her way.

“I also got divorced at a very young age.”


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A sad state of affairs
Like in most traditional families, Summiya was married off at a young age. Her marriage did not survive the strain of the current socio-economic conditions. That’s when she decided now she’d do something she’s actually passionate about.

“I did a number of jobs side by side to keep myself afloat and to show those who caused damage in my life [that I did not need them],”

Fortunately,  her family was supportive of her decision. With her passion and perseverance, Summaiya Baloch made her way into the world of pro boxing. Although she was angry at people she channeled that energy into work.

“I channelled that anger into hard work.”

After fighting several matches she graduated to become an international boxer.

“I went to Dubai and participated in international games over there.”

A Woman’s Legacy
Summaiya Baloch’s passion for boxing did not stop at her success. She now coaches aspiring boxers to help them achieve their dreams too.

She says she wants to encourage young girls who want to become professional boxers.

“People tell me that I am too old (to participate in the sport), but I continue boxing,”


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What better time to celebrate this strong woman than National Women’s Day.

National Women’s Day is celebrated on February 12th in Pakistan to honor women from every working sector on the basis of their accomplishments.

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