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Clean Bandit is performing at Solis Festival in Karachi tonight and the band is hyped

UK-based EDM band Clean Bandit is in Karachi for the latest edition of the Mountain Dew Solis Music & Arts Festival and percussionist Luke Patterson says the band can’t wait to meet Pakistan’s ravers and EDM enthusiasts on Saturday night.

“When we first heard about playing in Pakistan, we were immediately super excited by the idea. We’ve never had the opportunity to do it in the past. It’s always so much fun to come out to new places and get to interact with our fans and perform for them for the first time.”

“[We’re] really excited about doing that, especially since it’s a new format for the show, doing DJ sets, and that’s become a really fun to share our music.”

Other international acts headlining the festival include Kill The Buzz, FDVM and Oceanvs Orientalis.

Clean Bandit has measured but hopeful expectations from their first show in Pakistan. “I hope there will be thousands of ravers ready to kick off,” said Luke. “Hopefully it’s gonna be really fun. I’ve heard there’s a growing EDM scene [in Pakistan] so really looking forward to it.”

What else is the band up to on their trip?

“After we arrived [on Friday], we went on a mini-urban safari to see some of the historical sites and we ended up riding on the roof of a bus, which was really fun You’re not really allowed to do that in the UK, so that was cool,” Luke revealed.

“I’ve brought my camera and drone, so I think I’m going to do some filming in the day. Other than that just checking out the local sights, eating the local food and enjoying vibes.”

Luke also had a special message on behalf of the band for fans in Pakistan:

“Thank you so much for all your support and for listening to our music over the years. Please continue to do so! We’re currently working on new songs and music videos, and we can’t wait to come back to Pakistan to perform. Hopefully see you soon!”



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