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NAB officials want evidence against Saad Rafique: Ex-VC Punjab University

LAHORE: Mujahid Kamran, former vice chancellor of Punjab University who was released from the custody of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Friday, has said that officials of the anti-graft body want evidence against PML-N lawmaker Khawaja Saad Rafique. Speaking to media different news channels on Friday, Kamran said up to four suspects are kept in a small cell [by the NAB], while cameras have been installed in the washrooms as well. He alleged that under custody suspects are tortured, questioning what had the cameras installed in washrooms had to do with investigations. The former academic said the suspect Haji Nadeem, who was apprehended in Paragon housing scheme case, was tortured in front of his wife and children. "NAB officials want evidence against Saad Rafique," he said, adding that one of the under custody suspects was beaten in front of his mother. Speaking about Opposition Leader in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif, Kamran said the former Punjab chief minister was kept alone in cell no 13. He said he inquired Fawad Hassan Fawad about him becoming an approver, at which Fawad said had he become an approver, he would not have been in jail today. The former vice chancellor said a close relative of Senator Rana Maqbool is also under custody, lamenting that new cases are lodged against the suspects instead of releasing them. "One of the drivers working at Nandipur Power Plant is also under custody, who had pictured a man stealing furnace oil," he said. "The vice chancellor of Sargodha University was subjected to mistreatment. A 25-year-old [NAB] officer told the vice chancellor that he would slap him in the face," Kamran said, adding that he would have responded in kind, had he been treated like that. He said he had no hopes with the anti-graft body, vowing to bring forth the truth. According to him, the NAB is currently in a defensive position for the first time. The former academic said he told the NAB chairman that he never earned money through unfair means. "The plan of a harassment case against me was designed at the residence of a fashion designer," he alleged. "The chief secretary who made the case is now working with USAID." Kamran said he invited opposition of US establishment by writing a book contradicting facts about 9/11 attacks. The CIA contacts every DMG officer upon visit to the US, he added. NAB spokesman denies allegations Meanwhile, a spokesman for the NAB said Kamran never had a meeting with Fawad Hassan Fawad, adding that the allegation of cameras' installation in washrooms is baseless. He suggested the former academic to focus on his defence instead of levelling allegations. The matter is sub judice and hence it is inappropriate to comment on it, the spokesman added. He said that Kamran was apprehended on October 11, whereas Fawad and Haji Nadeem were sent into judicial custody on October 1 and June 18, respectively. Kamran's allegations and claims of meetings with Fawad and Nadeem are baseless, the spokesman said, adding that the anti-graft body holds immense respect for academics. He suggested the former VC to fight his case in the court, instead of levelling allegations through the media.

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