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AJK President urges UNSC to fulfill responsibility for resolution of Kashmir dispute

ISLAMABAD:DAILY QUDRAT : Azad Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to fulfill its responsibility for resolution of festering Kashmir dispute in accordance with its pending resolutions.

Addressing a news conference on Tuesday, he said a meeting of the UN Security Council on Kashmir after a gap of fifty years is an important development. However, it is only a beginning.

He added that the government of Pakistan is determined to stay in touch with the Security Council as the situation in occupied Kashmir is expected to deteriorate in the days to come.


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He emphasized that it was the responsibility of the UN Security Council to hold open sessions on Kashmir and take steps to bring to an end the ongoing massacre of Kashmiri people.

“Illegal actions of the Indian government should be rejected by the Council,” India cannot annex a disputed territory.”

He also said the dispute can only be resolved by granting right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir.

Voicing concerns over the current situation in Occupied Kashmir, the AJK President said that India had unleashed genocide in occupied Kashmir. He said the occupying forces have detained six thousand Kashmiri people and they are being subjected to violence. Despite this situation, he said the Kashmiri people have so far carried out protests at more than three hundred places against the illegal Indian acts.

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“There is a humanitarian crisis in the occupied Kashmir as the people there are faced with the shortages of food items and medicines,” revealed Masood.

He said a humanitarian corridor should be established by the non-governmental organizations of the European countries to provide basic amenities of life to the Kashmiri people.

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