Hum Films is introducing some new faces in Sacch

After Superstar with its superstar cast, it seems Hum Films is bringing new faces to the big screen.

Hum Films just released a teaser for upcoming film Sacch, described as a "visual and musical extravaganza".

The 78-second clip features scenic landscapes in the English countryside, a soaring soundtrack and an echoing chamaat — all elements hinting at high-stakes drama with a Yash Raj Chopra feel.

We also got a look from behind the scenes.

The cast includes newbie Elysée Sheikh (centre) along with veterans like Ayesha Sana and Uzma Gillani.

Sacch is produced by Tasmina Sheikh, with Zulfikar Sheikh in the director's chair.

It's difficult to expect anything story-wise at this point, but we do know we'll see a lot of fresh faces. And Javed Sheikh, of course.

The film is slated for a December 20, 2019 release.


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