Momina Duraid cancelled Firdous Jamal but Feroze Khan and Shaan are calling her out for it

It all started when veteran actor, Firdous Jamal appeared on Faysal Qureshi's morning show and made some seriously impolite and ageist comments about Mahira Khan.

A lot of Pakistani celebs came out in support of the Ho Mann Jahan actor and criticised Jamal.

However, things got a bit more complicated when producer, Momina Duraid called out Firdous Jamal and declared that her company, MD Productions "will not work with him again in any capacity because of his sexist, regressive and discriminatory attitude."

Shaan Shahid was quick to tweet with the hashtag #LetsBringOurPride back in support of Firdous and other seniors actors who have contributed in the industry but not recognised any longer.

He even said: "An artist lives in his own zone, he speaks his own language. His choice of words might be hated but his endless dedication to his work & his brilliance in acting can never be disrespected."

The Khaani actor, Feroze Khan had a lot more to say about the whole scenario; he had objections with the producer's statement and went as far as to ask, "Is this where freedom of speech gets you? Getting someone's bread and butter cancelled?"

On the other hand, Khan's Superstar co-actor, Bilal Ashraf stood by Momina's decision:

Has cancel culture gone too far? Looks like Pakistan's entertainment industry is divided over this.



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