Rains damage standing crops in Bajaur

KHAR: The three-day spell of monsoon rains coupled with hailstorm damaged standing maize crop and vegetable fields in various areas of Bajaur tribal district.

The residents told Dawn on Monday that the floods triggered by heavy rain hit Lowi and Warh Mamond the hardest by washing away several fields of maize crop and vegetables.

The growers told Dawn that the natural calamity had caused them huge financial losses.

They demanded of the provincial government and district administration to provide financial assistance saying crops and vegetable fields are the only source of their livelihood.

The growers urged the government and relevant department to build protection walls to their lands located along the waterway to protect it from floodwaters.

They complained that they had been suffering such losses every monsoon season for several years, but the relevant authorities had turned a deaf ear to their misery.

Meanwhile, a senior official of the agriculture department confirmed the damage and said most of the affected agricultural fields were located along canals and rivers and they had no arrangements to protect themselves from floodwaters.

He asked farmers to adopt precautionary measures against floods without delay to prevent loss saying more rainfall is expected.

The official said the calamity had caused the suspension of electric supply and blocking of roads and bridges in various parts of the district.

MNA FLAYED: Residents of Charmang area of Bajaur tribal district criticised PTI MNA Gul Dad Khan over ‘failure’ to develop the region.

During a meeting called by the lawmaker in Sharif Khana area on Sunday over the coming development funds, the residents, including elders, political and religious leaders, and party activists, complained that the host had ignored the region in development schemes.

They said the lawmaker hadn’t visited the area after his election a year ago. The residents said unfortunately, the MNA hadn’t fulfilled a single election promise.

They said Charmang was one of the most backward and neglected areas of Nawagai subdivision, where the 40,000 population didn’t have schools, hospitals, roads, and supply of drinking water.

The residents demanded of the lawmaker to ensure the early provision of basic facilities to them.



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