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PMDC members at odds over inspection of colleges

ISLAMABAD: DAILY QUDRAT :Serious conflict between the members of the newly established council of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) arose on Monday. The conflict occurred during the council session on extensive inspection of medical and dental colleges.

Members observed that the due legal process for conduct of inspections was entirely neglected; the financial implications were not taken into consideration prior to finalising the schedule.

Moreover, the senior members raised questions about how inspections have already begun without getting the pool of inspectors approved by the council, which is a mandatory requirement under the law.
The members also observed that Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules were being violated at a massive level. Recently the institutions had challenged the Proforma 2019 on which they were being inspected and 70 per cent of the colleges did not submit the inspection fee.

Moreover, the court has observed that the council cannot take punitive action against the institutions being inspected. The council observed that the massive financial expenditure cannot be undertaken on such a futile exercise.

The Evaluation Committee Chairman Dr Amer Bilal and Co-opted Member Ali Raza could not respond to the questions raised and instead walked out of the session stating that they have resigned. It is pertinent to mention here that Ali Raza and Dr Amer Bilal have been exercising powers beyond authority.

It is reiterated that the employees of PMDC have been threatened of a compulsory golden hand shake and have reported that an atmosphere of intimidation has been created by these two members. Two employees have been terminated by them both and one officer under inquiry is fighting for his right.

The council also condemned the registration of an honorary degree in respect of Dr Amer Bilal, in violation of PMDC rules. PMDC President Justice Shakirullah Jan had previously banned the award of honorary degrees during a meeting, adding that the council had no authority to register any such degree.

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