PM Khan talks loans, taxes, reforms on Geo News’ ‘Pakistan Keliye Kar Daalo’

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said Monday Pakistan was at a "crossroads" during an exclusive appearance in Geo News' programme Pakistan Keliye Kar Daalo.

"There is an English word crossroads," Khan said. "We pay the least tax. In the past 10 years, we took many loans" and a lot of the expenditure "goes in the interest on those taxes."

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"We need to get out of this quicksand. We have to change ourselves," the premier said.

"In the 60s, Pakistan was on the rise," he said, but "we don't pay taxes. There's too much corruption here."

Commenting further on the hesitance of Pakistanis regarding paying taxes and how their taxes would be used, Khan said: "People think their tax won't be spent on them. They believe it'll be stolen or won't be spent on them.

"However, I promise it would definitely be spent on them."


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