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Pakistan supports peaceful and democratic Afghanistan: FM Qureshi

BHURBAN, MURREE: DAILY QUDRAT :Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Saturday that Pakistan wants to see a peaceful and democratic Afghanistan while establishing smooth relations with its neighbours.

Addressing the inaugural session of the conference on Afghan peace titled ‘Lahore Process’ in Bhurban, Murree, a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan is in the interest of the region.

Qureshi invites Kabul to new beginning with Pakistan

“Afghanistan is on a crossroad of peace and stability. Pakistan backs the Afghan peace process following the principles of mutual respect and non-interference and will continue to play its due role for resolution of the Afghan conflict.”

The minister narrated how instability and disputes badly affected Pakistan and Afghanistan in the region.

“The common enemies of Pakistan and Afghanistan have harmed bilateral relations. We need to take measures to build mutual trust getting out of the environment of the blame game. We must not allow our countries to be used against each other.”

The ‘Lahore Process’ discussed different areas including connectivity, trade, economy and health. It also discussed the issue of repatriation of Afghan refugees who have been living in Pakistan for the last four decades.

Qureshi said the Afghan issue had no military solution and the conflict could only be resolved through a political process.

“Pakistan and Afghanistan share a similar history, religious relations, language and culture. Providing shelter to the Afghan refugees for decades is a talebearer of our brotherhood.”

It is welcoming that everyone felt the need for a political solution for Afghanistan instead of military.

The minister was positive the Bhurban conference would provide an opportunity to increase people-to-people contacts between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees regard Pakistan as home

The conference was held ahead of the visit of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to Pakistan next week.

Heads of all Afghan political parties and the political adviser to Afghan President participated in the Bhurban conference. In all, 57 delegates attended the moot including Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, senators and members of the Afghan parliament. The delegates also gave proposals on the future course of action for Afghanistan.

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