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Ex-finance minister Ishaq Dar visits UK Home Office to talk ‘media trial’

LONDON: Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Wednesday visited the UK Home Office to inform them about how the Pakistani government was running a “media trial” in the name of a recently-signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two nations.

This was Dar’s second visit to the Home Office since arriving in the UK over a year ago.

When approached by Geo News, the former minister's son, Ali Dar, confirmed that his father has “decided to take up with the UK Home Office the matter of the on-going media trial against him by Pakistani Authorities in relation to the purported MOU signed for his extradition”.

Ali Dar also confirmed that his father had first contacted the Home Office last year when his passport was “unlawfully cancelled through an order of the Former Chief Justice of Pakistan in September 2018”.

Earlier, Ishaq Dar had said he had visited the Home Office to inform them of the development pertaining to the cancellation of his passport that, in turn, left him practically "stateless".

Agreement signed with UK govt over Dar's extradition, claims Shahzad Akbar

It is understood that Dar decided to approach the British top brass after the Pakistani government's ministers claimed the UK government assured them of the former finance minister's extradition to Pakistan to face trial.

Ali Dar also said his father informed officials of the UK Home Office that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was maligning him via media and doing so using the British government.

Shahzad Akbar, the special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on accountability, had said Tuesday the British government has agreed to extradite Dar under an MoU.

"Ishaq Dar will be back soon," he had said in a press conference after the cabinet meeting.

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