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Inflation taking place globally not just in Pakistan: Abdul Razzak Dawood

LAHORE: Adviser to prime minister on commerce, Abdul Razzak Dawood said on Saturday that inflation was taking place globally not just in Pakistan. Addressing a ceremony in Lahore, Dawood stressed that in order to curtail inflation all departments would need to work together. Dawood added that steps were being taken to bring Pakistan’s economy on the right path and the government was taking decisions which would bring results. The prime minister’s adviser further said that government institutions operating in a loss would need to become profitable, warning of privatization if they failed to do so. According to Dawood, the government would not take any steps which would not be beneficial to people. “Imran Khan’s vision is to provide relief to people but this will take time.” Dawood added that in the last five years industries closed in Pakistan and exports fell, however, former finance minister Ishaq Dar failed to take notice. He said past governments had concealed facts from people. “We do not want to be included in the list of importing nations and have to take care of our industries,” Dawood said. Dawood informed that tractors were now being built in Pakistan and exported to African countries. Earlier this week, the Bureau of Statistics said Pakistan’s consumer price inflation eased in April to 8.82 per cent on an annual basis from 9.41 per cent in March.
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