Video: Ex-administrator Karachi fumes at police after being asked to show identity

KARACHI: A video of former administrator of Karachi Faheem Zaman has gone viral on social media in which he can be seen fuming at the police after being asked to show his identity.

The episode took place after a policeman signaled a car to stop at one of the entrances of Karachi's Red Zone and asked the driver to show identity. The passenger in the car, Zaman, attempted to call the Karachi Police Chief Ameer Sheikh, who did not pick up the phone. Zaman then told the policeman that he had twice been the administrator of the megapolis, and they did not know him. He also dared the cop to fire his weapon. At this, the law enforcer replied that they were standing there for the safety of public, which apparently fumed the former Karachi administrator. A video of the episode has since gone viral on social media. In his response, Zaman said the video had been edited and he only got angered after the policeman pointed his SMG (sub-machine gun) at him following a heated exchange of words. "The thing which I resisted for was right, but after having watched the video I realised that the procedure I adopted for it was wrong," the ex-administrator said. "I am extremely ashamed before my family, the people of my city, everyone for the way I opted for."

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