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Was airstrike carried out to kill terrorists or trees, asks Sidhu

Indian Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu asked on Monday Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government if the airstrike carried out by Indian Air Force in Balakot were meant to kill terrorists or trees. The Indian leader and pro-peace politician was referring to Indian media’s claim of more than 350 militants being killed in the IAF airstrike; a claim which was debunked internationally. “Were 300 terrorists were killed in Pakistan or was that just an election gimmick?” asked the crickter-turned-politician. Sidhu warned Modi not to drag the armed forces in his politics as it can turn out to be dangerous for the country. Another Indian politician Kapil Sibal said that when the international media slams Pakistan then India gets happy but when it stated that there was not even a single casualty in the airstrike then there comes no response. “Modi is doing politics over the issue of terrorism,” he said. Indian cricketer-turned-politician Sidhu had hailed Pakistan’s move to release IAF pilot Abhinandan, whose plane was shot down, calling it a noble act. "Imran Khan every noble act makes a way for itself…your goodwill gesture is ‘a cup of joy’ for a billion people, a nation rejoices…I am overjoyed for his parents and loved ones,” he said.
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