International media hails Pakistan’s move to release Indian pilot

Pakistan on Friday evening released Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman as a peace gesture in an effort to de-escalate tensions between the two countries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday while addressing the joint session of Parliament had announced the release of Abhinandan — as a decision that was lauded by the international community and media. The Wing Commander was captured when his MiG-21 among two Indian military aircraft was shot down by Pakistan Air Force after they ventured into the Pakistani airspace. Here is how the international media hailed the move.


“Pakistan releases Indian pilot in an effort to defuse the Kashmir crisis” The captured Indian pilot at the center of one of the gravest military crises in South Asia in years was released from Pakistani custody in a dramatic night-time handover at a border post between the two countries on Friday. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has described the release of the pilot as a "gesture for peace" in an attempt to defuse the spiraling crisis between the two countries.

New York Times

“Pakistan Frees Indian Pilot Who Was Beaten by a Mob and Then Served Tea” When an Indian fighter pilot who had been captured by Pakistan was released on Friday, it capped a humiliating episode for India and a surreal week for him.

Associated Press

"Pakistan frees captured Indian pilot in gesture of peace"

Pakistan handed over a captured Indian air force pilot to Indian officials at a border crossing on Friday, a "gesture of peace" by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan aimed at defusing a dramatic escalation between the nuclear-armed neighbors over the disputed region of Kashmir.


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