You would get more votes than me in Pakistan, PM Imran tells Saudi crown prince

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman departed from Pakistan on Monday after a two-day successful visit. During his visit, the crown prince was welcomed warmly in Pakistan and agreements worth over $20 billion were signed between the two countries. During his first day in Pakistan, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman said he should be considered Pakistan’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia. The statement was made when Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the crown prince to treat the 2.5 million Pakistani’s living in Saudi Arabia as his own. Prior to Price Salman’s departure, Prime Minister Imran Khan praised his statement.

“I woke up this morning and when I looked at my mobile phone I realized that after your statement last night on saying that you would be Pakistan’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia, I looked at my mobile phone and realized, your highness if your stood for elections in Pakistan you would be able to get more votes than me. You are at the moment extremely popular.”

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken to Twitter to also show his appreciation.  

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