It’s time for Karachiites get their eat on again at the most anticipated event of the year.

Karachi Eat is back for the sixth time with the Beach View Park in Clifton area of the metropolis transforming into a foodie wonderland from January 11 to 13.

Every year, restaurants and home-based or aspiring chefs, cook up a storm of the most creative and mouthwatering dishes.

This year, the 90 stalls are serving a wide array from pancakes with spiced chicken to flaming hot cheetos burger and gelato tacos. Here are food items that we cannot wait to try:
1) Burger Bros

Did someone say fried chicken coated with flaming hot cheetos? We are all for it! Burger Bros will be serving a ‘Flamin Chic Magnet’ — a juicy, deep fried chicken thigh coated in flaming hot cheetos with jalapeño cheese sauce in a fresh potato roll. This stall only gets better as they will also be serving a premium Wagyu beef slider and we cannot wait to try both of them!

2) Lals

What’s better than tacos? You got that right, gelato tacos! Lals who are known for their gelato will be whipping up the perfect desserts — caramel apple taco sundae, chocolate brownie taco and red velvet taco sundae.

The caramel apple taco sundae will be an original waffle taco filled with vanilla gelato, caramelised apples, house made apple pie crumble and drizzled with a special salted caramel sauce.

Bonus points: We even get to make our own hot chocolate.
3) Peshawar Chapli Hut

Craving some desi food? Head straight to Peshawar Chapli Hut because nothing is better than the good old chapli kebab with naan in this cold.

4) The Red Volks

The Red Volks would be serving a ‘hotrod and flaming dog’. The flaming dog is a flaming hot cheetos covered sausage on a stick served with a special sauce.

5) Pantry

What’s better than a fried chicken sandwich? A pancake with spiced chicken! We cannot wait to try this!

6) Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape will be serving a Jolly Rancher cotton candy— you read that right!

7) HotBombz

Mac n cheese fried balls? Yes please! HotBombz will be serving three different kinds — the classic, BBQ and a combination of the two and we want all three!

8) TheChewBar

We call dibs on the ribs!

9) The Smoking Lion

Who doesn’t like trying new cuisines and after all, that’s what Karachi is all about. This year, The Smoking Lion will be offering authentic Parsi cuisine. From prawn patia to Parsi Rava, we want to try them all.

10) SÒL

Calling all Potterheads! SÒL will be serving butterbeer which you can pair with their SÒL Fried Chicken – Korean Style or their Chicken Mojo Cubano!

11) Spicogetti

Spicogetti is all set for its first public appearance at Karachi Eat Food Festival and will be serving ‘Malpura Madness’. Crispy on the edges, the malpura is made from a sweet batter of milk, eggs and flour deep-fried in ghee. Together with a thick sauce made of khoya and cream, it is the perfect warm dessert to indulge in.

If you’re not one with a sweet tooth, do try their Khaousay.

12) Sweet Greens

Craving Mexican food? Sweet greens has us covered. The red chilli taco is definitely on our list of must-haves.

13) Pizza L’oven

A special shout out to Pizza L’oven who will not only be serving us piping hot pizzas but will be making a difference. All their proceeds go to a school in Baldia Town; School of Champions.